Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition (T&C's)

Dubai Clean is one of the trusted companies that are providing affordable and professional cleaning, maintenance, installation, and technical services in Dubai. We are flexible and open to negotiate with our customers. Before booking your appointments with our experts, please read our terms and conditions.

Free quote service:

We offer a free quote service to our clients to tell us about their budget and requirements. Once you get your personalized quote, you can select our customized services.

Advance bookings:

To get our maintenance, installation, cleaning, and technical service, book your appointment at least 3-5 days before the final setting.

Free cancellation facility:

You can cancel your bookings within 24 hours after initial bookings. Additionally, we provide cancellation rights to the pre-booked contracts.

Service provider information:

We provide complete information of the service provider on your request for the sake of your satisfaction.

Complete access to space:

We request clients to provide complete access to space to our service provider for proper placement of tools.

Complaint queries:

In case of any complaint, please inform us within 24 hours after completion of service.

Exclusion of items from liability:

We request our customers to remove all fragile, delicate, sentimental items to ensure safety. We offer no liability service.

Suspension of service:

In case of any violence, Dubai Clean holds the authority to suspend your services.

Fluctuation in estimated service rates:

We give a rough estimation of cleaning, maintenance, installation, or technical services that can vary with time according to fluctuation in prices.


We request complete payments on the day of completion of services. In case of any delay, we can claim on you.