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Transform your construction site into a pristine space without breaking the bank! Our Post Construction Cleaning service offers cost-effective rates. Let us handle the mess while you focus on the finished project.


Best Post Construction Cleaning - Construction Deep Cleaning Dubai

Have you recently completed home construction or renovation and left with a mess? Looking for the contractors to clean post construction mess? Dubai Clean is one of the leading companies providing excellent post-construction cleaning services. We provide services for residential and commercial purposes anywhere in Dubai. The post-construction cleaning is a type of cleaning that is usually performed to remove stubborn dirt, grime, scuffs, and smudge to make your place ready to move in.

We pay attention to 100% customer satisfaction. Further, we use high-quality equipment and eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning. We are trusted by hundreds of construction companies and home residents in Dubai. Get a free estimation of your post-construction services with our experts now! Above all, our experts have knowledge, equipment and experience that will make your home enliven.

Our post-construction Cleaning steps


We follow the three steps to clean the post construction mess quickly and safely:

Step 1: General Cleaning

In this step, the large debris or leftover things are removed like wooden planks, extra wires, glasses, or construction materials. This step also includes the removal of stickers from windows and furniture or any other sites.

Step 2: Deep Cleaning of interior

The constructed building interior is then deep clean, including sweeping and vacuuming the dirt and dust. Furthermore, the cabinets, doors, windows, appliances, etc., are dry or wet and clean thoroughly. This step is most laborious and costly as it requires many cleaning machines.

Step 3: Deep cleaning of exterior

The final step is to deep clean the exterior of the building. This step includes the disposal of trash, debris, and extra construction of material from the exterior of the building. Furthermore, the parking lot and walkaway are clean with apower wash to remove the most challenging dirt.

Our post-construction cleaning services:

Dubai Clean offers all types of post-construction cleaning services. Whether it’s brief or comprehensive cleaning, our company covers all. Additionally, our services include:

  • Fixture cleaning
  • Cleaning of windows and doors
  • Dusting curtains and window blinds
  • Descaling of floor and wall tiles
  • Polishing sinks
  • Deep cleaning of walls from dirt and smudges
  • Dust removal from door frames, window frames, baseboards, light switches, mirrors, etc.
  • Paint stain removal from the floor
  • Cleaning of cabinets and cupboards
  • Vacuuming or cleaning wood debris
  • Remove stickers from window glass
  • Cleaning, scrubbing, and refurbishment of all types of floorings to remove blemishes
  • Repairing of wiring or any other issues like a pipe leaking etc.

You can get additional cleaning services according to your demand. We also deliver customized post-construction cleaning services.

Benefits of choosing us:

  • We are affordable, and we save your time by providing multiple cleaning services under one roof.
  • Our expert team members are trained to remove stubborn residues and stains without damaging the surface.
  • We have ultra-efficient equipment and a safe cleaning solution to remove every particle.
  • We use a germ and odor neutralizing system to get rid of scuffs, smudges, and dirt from surfaces.

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