Hotel Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

DubaiClean provides professional Hotel Deep Cleaning services at competitive price. Contact us today to schedule your Hotel Deep Cleaning service and let us handle the hard work. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rejuvenating feeling of a clean and organized home.

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Hotel Deep Cleaning Service in Dubai

A place where there is hustle and bustle all the time, dirty shoes and food items may be on the floor and make it uncomfortable.  So you know your hotel needs cleaning daily, but deep cleaning is another thing. 

In daily base cleaning, you just mop and sanitize the floor, wipe tables and the cabinets. But not clean, hard to reach areas like, ceiling, bathroom walls, corners of the rooms and the kitchen etc. So you have to do a hotel deep cleaning every 3-months to make it a comfortable zone for your clients.  Provide your customers with hygienic food and an environment for enjoying healthy food. 

So let’s see 


Why do You Prefer Us?

We are professional and provide expert cleaners for deep hotel cleaning. We have been working for many years as a cleaning company, customer satisfaction is our 1st priority and we do the hotel’s deep cleaning in a well mannered way. 

Our Hotel Deep cleaning Inclusion

  • We sanitize and  deep clean the floor of the hotel
  • Deep clean the bathrooms and the kitchen with high  quality vacuuming and Wiping 
  • Wiping the furniture,  cabinets and drawers 
  • Also cleaning the tables and the chairs
  • Change bedsheets and turn the mattress 
  • Using high power sanitizing,  clean the hotel mattresses
  • Remove the linen from the bedroom
  • Check the pillows, if there are any stains or wear or tear, change the pillow cover
  • Dusting all the hard to reach areas using the latest duster
  • Deep cleaning the dust from the smoke detectors, sprinklers and any Wi-Fi routers
  • clean and wipe the tops of almirahs, frames of paintings, boards and the curtain holders etc.
  • Deep clean the light shades and clean with a wet cloth
  • Wipe all AC vents and top of doors
  • Deep Clean all the window glass, grills and draperies
  • Use a scrubber to clean grease marks, fingerprints, stains and hard dirt from window frames
  • With a window wiper cleaning.  We clean the window glass from the top to down thoroughly.
  • Clean and wipe the window frame panel thoroughly 
  • Check draperies as the room number, send them to the laundry for dry cleaning
  • Check and deep clean the pulls, rods and hooks
  • Cleaning all the floor, walls, carpets and door handles and doors
  • The stains and marks which cannot be removed are reported to the maintenance team.
  • Deep clean all the things hanging on the wall
  • Wipe the switches plates, phone plugs, and other wall switches completely
  • Clean the closet walls and luggage racks
  • Cleaning TV and other electronics in the hotel
  • We use a soft and dry cloth for wiping the LCD screen 
  • We never use the cleaning fluids, wax, or chemicals for LCD screen cleaning 
  • Vacuum upholstery and the furniture 
  • Deep clean the bathroom, including shower, tiles, walls and the cabinets 
  • Deep clean the kitchen including kitchen appliances,  deep freezer,  microwave,  oven, sandwich maker and other

We are always here to help you clean your hotel deeply with high quality equipment, create a hygienic and fresh environment for your customers.  Call us or WhatsApp us without any hesitation 24/7. Our well-mannered team are always here to respond to you well.

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