How Much To Pay For A Cleaning Service?

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How Much Does the Average Cleaning Service Cost?

A place to living a luxury life in Dubai. In Dubai, a lot of people come across the world and enjoy their life. They are so busy in their duties and have no time to clean the home or apartment daily. For this, they need the best and professional deep cleaning team. The average cost of the cleaning services according to the time and size of your apartment, home, or office. They provide internal and external deep cleaning and sanitization services. Sanitization is necessary to make your home germs-free.

Make sure all companies are not licensed, before booking check the services and cost of the cleaning services. The prices and the services are different for each company but it depends upon you which one you want to hire. For example, if you want deep cleaning as well as sanitization, the charges are different as compare to only a deep cleaning service. So make sure which service you need for you according to your desired cost.

Both deep cleaning and sanitization cost

  • Studio apartment: AED 499
  • 1-bedroom apartment: AED 599
  • 2-bedroom apartment: AED 699
  • 3-bedroom apartment: AED 999
  • 4-bedroom apartment: AED 1249
  • 5-bedroom apartment: AED 1549
  • 1-bedroom villa: AED 799
  • 2-bedroom villa: AED 999
  • 3-bedroom villa: AED 1250
  • 4-bedroom villa: AED 1550
  • 4-bedroom villa: AED 1550
  • 6-bedroom villa: AED 2450
  • A 500 Square Ft office can be cleaned and sanitized for AED 473

A professional company always saves your time and makes your home refresh and relaxing. They use the right materials for cleaning, professional expertise, and the best equipment to do the job properly. They provide deep cleaning and sanitization services at an average cost. For example, if you book the service per hour, you need to pay AED 50, but if the hour increase begins amount is lesser. If you need AC duct cleaning service, sofa and carpet cleaning, villa cleaning, apartment, and office cleaning, or any other cleaning services contact professional cleaners that help you in cleaning. Are you wonder about the cost? Don’t worry Dubai clean provides the average costs for the cleaning services and you get easily. Book for deep cleaning and make your home healthy and germ-free.

For example, the professional companies charge for a two-hour home cleaning session AED 50 per hour, but for three or more hour cleaning sessions they just charge the cost AED 35 per hour. If you want the to cleaner have the material they charge extra.

For example, an average cleaning costs of different places are

Studio apartment: AED 299
1-bedroom apartment: AED 399
2-bedroom apartment: AED 499
3-bedroom apartment: AED 799
4-bedroom apartment: AED 999
5-bedroom apartment: AED 1299
1-bedroom villa: AED 599
2-bedroom villa: AED 799
3-bedroom villa: AED 999
4-bedroom villa: AED 1299
5-bedroom villa: AED 1699
It’s the best and easiest way to clean your home without any hesitation. Just call the top cleaners who are ready for your call and they reached your desired location a few times.