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DubaiClean is the No.1 choice of UAE residents for commercial cleaning services including office cleaning with unbeatable pricing.


High-Quality Regular Office Cleaning Services in Dubai

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Top rated Office Cleaning Services in Dubai

Many people spend as much time at the office as at home. But few of them pay attention to keeping their workspace clean as they do their bedroom or kitchen at home. Making sure your office cleaning can save your time and make your work more efficient. Plus, the office is also a space where many germs spread and cause harm to your health, so a clean desk can help keep you healthy and make your working hours pleasant. Whether it is once a week or daily, we ensure that everything is done thoroughly and that your office building reflects positively on your business. Among all providers of commercial cleaning including office cleaning services, DubaiClean is an ideal company that will customize an office cleaning program that specifically suits your needs.

Full Time Or Monthly Office Cleaning Services Dubai

DubaiClean is offering office cleaning services on a contract basis ensuring you only have domestic cleaners when you need them. Commercial cleaning services Dubai staff or team will work for you and fulfill all your needs in your budget. This would be the best solution to all your cleaning requirements. DubaiClean offers a wide range of warehouses, schools, hospitals, shops, showrooms & industrial cleaning, this can be from a small office up to large factory units. Our all crew is fully trained for the job that they undertake everything whether it is buffing floors, using scrubber driers, or general cleaning in the office.

A full specification and schedule of works are designed and agreed upon to meet your needs, they will include all areas in your office. Our office cleaning includes any size office from a single room to multiple floors, will all receive the same high-stranded care and cleaning. We work hard to make the place spotless and to keep it looking spotless.

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Services We Cover In Regular Office Cleaning Dubai

  1. Floor waxing
  2. Carpet cleaning
  3. Wet and dry mopping
  4. Upholstery cleaning
  5. Safe trash removal
  6. Windows cleaning
  7. Grout & tile cleaning
  8. Pantry cleaning
  9. Sweeping and mopping floors
  10. Clean reception area and entrance
  11. Signboard / Banner cleaning

Licensed by Dubai Government and Approved by Dubai Municipality

DubaiClean “DCS Cleaning Services” is a 100% legitimate business that has a valid trade license to operate in U.A.E. as deep cleaning services and maintenance services provider. All our workforce is under our sponsorship and 100% authorized to visit and work on our customer’s premises. We are approved by Dubai Municipality to operate our activities in Dubai. These validations and approvals help customers book our services with peace of mind and guaranteed high-quality professional services.

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