Top 7 types of wallpapers to spruce up your home sweet home

Wallpaper installation has become very popular in Dubai. Wallpaper gives a trendy, clean, and beautiful look to the interior of the space. The most promising feature of the wallpaper is that they have a simple peel and stick feature. You can update the ambiance according to your choice anytime. Moreover, wallpaper fitting and installation are super affordable for everyone. There are 7 different types of wallpapers. You can choose any of them to install at your place.

1# Liner wallpaper:

Liner wallpaper is made from paper or fiberglass material. It is perfect to hide wall defects. Moreover, it reduces the cost of renovation. It does not matter whether you have a painted surface or not, you can apply it easily. Liner wallpaper is easy to apply and remove. It is suitable for fewer traffic areas such as drawing rooms or conference rooms.

2# Vinyl wallpaper:

The printed paper sheet coats vinyl wallpaper in such wallpaper. It is very durable. Vinyl wallpaper is the most commonly used type of wallpaper in Dubai. Even you can install vinyl wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom because they can withstand steam and moisture. Additionally, waterproof printing ink makes it reliable. The durability of vinyl wallpaper depends on the thickness.

3# Flock wallpaper:

It is famous for its beautiful 3D pattern. Flock wallpapers are made from velvet fiber printed on the base of the paper. You can use them in master bedrooms or guestrooms to give a luxury appearance. However, this type of wallpaper needs special care as it is not washable. It is expensive and challenging to maintain. Additionally, painting services in Dubai save your cost and give the same trendy look to the interior of your house or office.

4# Mylar wallpaper:

A polyester film is applied to the top of a printed paper in Mylar wallpaper. It has a wet or shiny appearance. It is washable and easy to remove. However, the professionals suggest installing a paper lining before applying Mylar wallpaper because it highlights wall defects. This dual installation cost makes it a bit expensive.

5# Printed wallpaper:

Printed wallpapers are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Wallpaper fitting and installation of printed wallpaper is quicker and more affordable than any other type. As compared to hand-printed wallpaper designs, printed wallpapers are cheaper and easy to use anywhere in your home. These types of wallpapers are resistant to tear and water-based ink makes them suitable to use in high traffic areas.

6# Bamboo wallpaper:

Bamboo wallpaper is handcrafted from natural bamboo sticks. The sticks are then glued to the paper with efficiency. It is eco-friendly and absorbs moisture. It is not washable. The bamboo wallpapers look trendy to install in your office.

7# Foil wallpaper:

Foil wallpapers show a shiny metallic effect due to reflectivity. Just like Mylar wallpaper, foil paper also highlights wall defects. That’s why we need additional paper lining before installation. Additionally, the person must be experienced to install it smoothly; otherwise, it will lose its shiny appearance.