How Often to do Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is day-to-day work but still, it becomes dull with time. It spruces up the space and provides warmth. Carpets get grubby and stain through boots, liquid spills, and pets. So, sometimes these stains do not go with simple vacuuming. It needs special treatment. We will reveal some tips that you can adapt to deep clean your carpet at home.

You can vacuum your carpet twice a week. But if you have pets and kids around make it a routine. While you need to deep clean your carpet once per year. Deep cleansing increases the rug life.

Steps for Carpet Cleaning

Get Rid of Dust and Dirt

The dirt is the most common reason for the carpet wore and torn. Thus, you must keep a check on the carpet cleaning routine. The first step to deep cleaning is to vacuum the whole mat to remove loose dust particles. Try to use a high-quality vacuum with strong suction power to remove dust as much as possible. Vacuum slowly and many times in high-traffic places for best results. After vacuuming use the rubber squeegee to dislodge the pet hairs. If you don’t have pets skip this step.

Test for colorfastness

Most carpets are colorfast, and they don’t fade away with cleaning products. But still, there is a chance some may lose the color. Therefore, before moving to the next step test for colorfastness.

How to test for colorfastness:

It is super easy and simple. Take a clean, soft cloth and apply the cleaning product to it. Now put it over the edge of the carpet. Let it be there for at least one hour. Now lift the cloth and inspect for color. If the cloth does not get colored, your carpet is ready for the next step. However, if the cloth gets stained from the carpet you must repeat the test by altering the product. Despite testing with many products if you don’t get the desired results, consult our cleaning experts. They will indeed come up with the best solution for you.

Clean With Steam

After vacuuming, use a steamer for deep cleaning. The normal vacuum pulls out only loses dust. while on the other hand, the steamer takes out the dirt from deep inside the carpet. If even after steaming stains remain then follow some of our expert DIYS.

Baking Soda and Salt and Steam DIY

Mix baking soda and salt then spread over the stain or spots. Use the steamer to moisten the area. Brush the mixture gently with a brush to let the mixture penetrate deep into the carpet. Let the mixture for 20- 30 mins. Now use a high suction vacuum or add a microfiber mop head to the steamer and clean the carpet. Repeat the process several times if needed.

Clean With Distilled White Vinegar

Make a solution of vinegar and water. Take one part of vinegar and three parts of water. Mix them well and fill the spray bottle. Spray the solution on the spot area. Do not spray too much so that the area becomes wet. Put little solution so the area becomes only damp. Then leave for 5-10 minutes. Afterward, blot away the area with a towel. Allow the carpet to air dry and don’t walk on the carpet until it is completely dry. Clean the towel when it becomes dirty or stained. Repeat a few times if required.

Clean with dish soap and water DIY

This DIY is specifically for oil stains. Add a little dishwashing liquid to lukewarm water. Mix both gently to avoid foam formation. Now fill the spray bottle and spray over the oily area. Leave it for a few minutes then blot away with a microfiber cloth. Repeat the process unless the stain is removed.

How to remove foul smell from carpet?

Treat the affected area with baking soda. Wait for 30 minutes and then vacuum the baking soda. In this way, the odor will vanish.

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Why hire a cleaning Professional?

Carpet cleaning is very tough and hectic work to do at home. It requires a commercial-level vacuum and steamer to completely remove dirt which is not usually present at home. Among all, the most important factor is that you may damage the carpet with the harsh product and overwetting. Professionals on the contrary have vast knowledge and experience which decreases the damage risks. You can get our cleaning services in Dubai at competitive rates.