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Sofa Cleaning Tactics That Trumps At Home

Importance of Sofa Cleaning

Our house becomes more attractive and inviting to guests after sofa cleaning.

We all love to be couch potatoes. You spent most of the time sitting on a sofa either watching TV, reading a novel, or enjoying family time. Sofas are the modern era most utilized furniture and thus are most likely to get easily dirtier. Nobody likes to sit on a dirty, spotty, and stinky lounger, thus sofas also appeal more attention cleansing.

Fabric Identification in Sofa Tidiness

Cleansing a sofa isn’t that hectic, all you need is to identify the sofa fabric.  For Identification of fabric, you need to check the tags on sofas. These tags validate which is a suitable method or product to utilize on your sofa fabric. Tags on sofas are

“S”, indicates that fabric is suitable for dry clean only.

“W”, directs to use water-based detergent with a steam vacuum.

“WS”, specifies it’s suitable to cleanse with water-based detergent with steam vacuum or dry clean detergent.

“O”, refers to organic material and it is suitable for washing with cold water.

“X”, means use vacuum and bristle-brush alone, or to use a professional service for shampooing.

In the case of secondhand sofa purchases sometimes the tags aren’t there. Being in such a condition you should avoid any experiment and seek professional help from our best sofa cleaning service.

Tips and Tricks for Sofa cleansing

You should clean your sofa on daily basis with a vacuum. To get rid of dirt and dust only vacuum the lounger. If you have pets then use a brush to get rid of their hairs. If your sofa is stained, treat it as soon as possible. Leaving stains will make it harder with the passage of time. However, if you are planning to deep clean a sofa, then the tips discussed below are best to follow

Fabric Sofa Cleansing

First of all vacuum the sofa to get rid of the loose dirt. Then take ¼ cup vinegar, ¾ cup of warm water, and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Mix well and add to a spray bottle. Take a soft clean and dry cloth spray the mixture on the cloth. Place the cloth on the spotted areas for about a minute or two, so that the spot is uplifted. Don’t rub the cloth on spot or it will spread the stain or ruin sofa fabric. Then spray it all over the sofa evenly, and let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes, now take a clean damp cloth (with water) to remove soap and dry with a towel.

Leather Sofa Cleansing

To clean a leather sofa is the most pain less task. All you will need to do is to vacuum the sofa first. Then, add ½ cup olive oil with ¼ cup of vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray all over your sofa surface and clean completely with a fine cloth.

Well while cleaning a leather sofa it’s important to remember water and dishwashing/other detergents can cause damage to the leather. It’s better to clean leather with a little oily or waxy cleansing material.

Microfiber Sofa Cleansing

Mostly solvent based solutions are best to spick and span a microfiber sofa. Still, it is better to test your solvent on a part of the sofa. Cleaning the microfiber couch with rubbing alcohol gives the best results.

Work part by part in cleaning a microfiber due to the highly volatile nature of rubbing alcohol.

Spray rubbing alcohol to a part of the microfiber couch. Rub it with a sponge so that dirt is lifted to sponge. To avoid color transference, the sponge must be white or light-colored. Let the sofa dry, use scrubbing brush in a circular motion to maintain the fluffy look of the fabric.

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