Before hiring a deep cleaning service, a question arises in mind first, what is the cost of a deep cleaning? Everyone needs an affordable price for deep cleaning homes, villas, or apartments. The deep cleaner goes through the areas that you daily left off for cleaning. We provide the deep cleaning apartment checklist with you, so you can easily evaluate the work of the company you hired.

Many people shifted to big villas instead of small apartments. Many of living in apartments. All needed the best deep cleaning services.

Deep cleaning checklist for your apartment in Dubai

  • There are no smudges and marks after the deep cleaning of the mirrors and the windows of the apartment at an affordable cost.
  • All kitchen and bathroom sinks are cleaned deeply.
  • Scrubbed clean of bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • Dust is common, the experts first clean the dust from your apartment. The experts check the stubborn and stains with testing and then again remove them.
  • From inside and outsides, all cabinets, cupboards, and cabinets are cleaned deeply.
  • Mostly during cleaning the corners remain dirty, so don’t worry our experts remove all dust from the corners with steam and deep mopping.
  • To remove dirt from AC and the ceiling fans, also our expert work.
  • Home appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves, will be cleaned deeply because it’s home to germs if you. cannot clean it properly. You know refrigerators and microwaves need deep cleaning monthly or weekly base. So we provide a great service for you.
  • To maintain your furniture polishing, must need to clean to dust from it.
  • Any balcony furniture is also cleaned by the deep cleaner, due to the busy day you cannot completely clean your home so deep cleaning service is best for you.
  • Steam cleaning and scrubbing need some extra charges.

Read also What is the checklist including in-villa deep cleaning? If you want to relax during shifting and need deep cleaning, hire Deep cleaning services at affordable prices of Dubai clean. We provide such a great service in Dubai. For more detail please visit our Deep Cleaning Services Page or for more info call us: at +971 56 100 4127 or mail us: at [email protected]