What are Cleaning services per Hour Charged in Dubai?

bedroom deep cleaning

Cleaning is the best way to remove germs, bacteria, and dust from your home. Deep cleaning services need extra care to make your home or office spick and span with expert cleaners. A lot of cleaning companies are working in Dubai but finding the best one that provides the maids’ service on time is difficult. So Dubai clean is the best choice to get affordable cleaning services in Dubai. The cleaning per hour in Dubai is mostly demanded due to the busy life in Dubai.  So they book the maid service or professional deep cleaners at an hourly rate. 

Cleaning is not an easy task if you want to do a deep cleaning of your home, carpet cleaning, villa cleaning, apartment cleaning,  indoor/outdoor cleaning, and hospital or restaurant deep cleaning.  So hiring a professional team for cleaning services in Dubai. 

The cleaning services are available on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or daily basis. You can choose as you want. Here are some of the important factors that determine the cleaning cost in Dubai 

Cleaning per hour in Dubai

You can book the cleaning services hourly. The cleaning cost per hour depends on the number of hours. If you book the cleaning services in Dubai for more than 2 hours, the cleaning cost is low. If you book for less than 2 hours, the cleaning cost is a bit more. For example,  if you book a general home cleaning service in Dubai for 2 hours, the cleaning cost will be AED 55 per hour, but for 4 hours of deep cleaning,  just charge AED 40 per hour. Booking the cleaning services according to the size of your home or office in Dubai.

Size of Your Home/Office

When you talk about home cleaning, office cleaning, or any other commercial or residential cleaning,  the cost is determined is according to the size of your area. If your home or office is much bigger, a cleaner team efficiently to clean the home or office efficiently. Keep in mind that deep cleaning services send 2 or 3 cleaners for smaller offices or homes, but for bigger, send 3 to 5 professional-trained cleaners in Dubai. costs depend on the amount per hour you book. 

Services for sofa, mattresses, curtains or carpet cleaning

Another thing, if you want to clean your sofa, carpet, curtains, or mattress cleaning service in Dubai, the cost depends on the type of service you choose from steam cleaning or shampooing.  Steam cleaning is more costly than shampoo cleaning or washing.

Cleaning material Cost

All the cleaning equipment and the equipment costs are included in the service you booked for deep cleaning your home, apartment or office, but if you book general home cleaning maybe they charge AED 12 as extra charges for a charge they take. 

For deep cleaning cost 

  • Studio apartment cleaning cost: AED 295
  • 1 Bedroom apartment: AED 395
  • 2 Bedroom apartment: AED 495
  • 3 bedroom apartment: AED 795
  • 4 bedroom Apartment: AED 995
  • 1 Bedroom Villa: AED 595
  • 2 bedroom villa AED 795
  • 3 bedroom Villa: AED 995
  • 4 Bedroom Villa: AED 1295
  • 5 Bedroom villa: AED 1690

For cleaning and sanitization

Cleaning and sanitization is the most important feature to make your home healthy and fresh.  A high-quality steamer is used to sanitize the curtains, sofas, and mattresses. The cleaning company uses government sanitization materials for cleaning.

•    Studio apartment: AED 495

•    1-bedroom apartment: AED 595

•    2-bedroom apartment: AED 695

•    3-bedroom apartment: AED 990

•    4-bedroom apartment: AED 1240

•    5-bedroom apartment: AED 1535

•    1-bedroom villa: AED 795

•    2-bedroom villa: AED 995

•    3-bedroom villa: AED 1245

•    4-bedroom villa: AED 1545

•    5-bedroom villa: AED 1945

•    6-bedroom villa: AED 2445

•    A 500-foot office or room can be cleaned and sanitized at a cost of AED 470.

Dubai Clean

Dubai Clean

As a full-service cleaning company in Dubai, we are also offering specialized services for particular occasions. We offer post construction clean-up for newly established or renovated buildings.

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