Costs for Deep Cleaning in Dubai

A serious commitment requires deep cleaning like time, and effort, and removes dirt and dust from the home. Rather than cleaning the grout of the floor, bathroom, and kitchen deep cleaning, your home while coming back from your duty, hiring a deep cleaning service are the best options for you. A deep clean is needed after every 3-4 months therefore it makes it reasonable. However, for day-to-day cleaning hiring maid services is the best option. You can hire the maid on an hourly basis which will cut down the expanse. Moreover, the cost of deep cleaning in Dubai is as follows:

  1. Studio apartment: AED 470
  2. 1-bedroom apartment: AED 579
  3. 2-bedroom apartment: AED 679
  4. 3-bedroom apartment: AED 989
  5. 4-bedroom apartment: AED 1229
  6. 5-bedroom apartment: AED 1529
  7. 1-bedroom villa: AED 779
  8. 2-bedroom villa: AED 970
  9. 3-bedroom villa: AED 1230
  10. 4-bedroom villa: AED 1530
  11. 5-bedroom villa: AED 1930
  12. 6-bedroom villa: AED 2430

Important factors that Affect the Cost Of Deep Cleaning

So be ready we provide affordable prices for your mind to relax, so some important factors you need to know that affect the pricing of cleaning services.

Size of place you want to deep clean

Always cost depend on the size of the apartment, home, villa, or commercial spaces you want to deep clean. The greater the size of your place the more workers and time it takes to clean. Hence, the pricing rises. While for small spaces the case is vice versa. It depends on prices, such that bedroom apartments start from AED 579, while bedroom villa starts from AED 779. Also, we provide office deep cleaning with a 500Sq Ft with cost of AED 453. Prices increase with the number of rooms.

Do you want additional deep cleaning?

Additional deep cleaning is an important factor that affects cost also. Dubai clean provides additional cleaning services including steam cleaning, grout cleaning, mattress, sofa, carpet, and floor deep cleaning, or even tile scrubbing. Besides Dubai clean also offer AC maintenace services, Plumbing services, and painting services. Taking any of these services with deep clean will add up their cost in final cost too.

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Time is an important factor

Time is another important aspect of deep cleaning cost. The more time it takes to clean your premises the more the cost will be. But, surprising booking a deep cleaning service for more than two hours decreases the hourly rate. For example, for two-hour general cleaning, Dubai clean provides AED 50 per hour. But four hours or longer start from 35 AED per hour. This is due to special discounts on hourly rates when you book for four or above hours. So, it is cost-effective to deep clean the residential or commercial building completely rather than deep cleaning one or a couple of rooms.

Materials for deep cleaning

The additional cost for general cleaning is 10 AED per hour. But if you require materials and cleaning prodiuct for your deep clean project it will increase the cost. This happens when you deep clean your permises after long time. Actually the dust, dirt and greese stuck to the surface so badly that they may need many time washing with cleaners. The increase use of product will consequent in increase in the cost. It is alway better to deep clean your home after 3-4 months later but still if you find it difficult, deep clean atleast one per year.