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Dubai Clean offers NO.1 residential cleaning services for homes, flats, villas & apartments. We are the most reliable company in Dubai. Experience the luxury of a clean and organized home with our Residential Cleaning service. Contact us now!

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NO.1 Residential Cleaning Services Dubai

Are you looking for helping hands for cleaning your house? Dubai Clean provides quick and affordable residential cleaning services in Dubai at your doorstep. Cleaning your house is a nerve-wracking job. Especially if you are doing a job, you will get exhausted from work. So, is it not its a good idea to hire professional cleaners and let them take this burden for you? Thus, take a minute, visit our website, and book a professional cleaner for your house.

Our exclusive residential cleaning services:

We provide residential cleaning services for houses, apartments, studios, flats, and villas. Following are our most popular cleaning services:

  • Complete cleaning and sanitization of house, flat, or any other residential space
  • Vacuuming of curtains, blinds, sofa, carpets, rugs, mattresses, beddings, or couches
  • Sterilization and disinfection of toilet, faucets, bathtub, sinks, and countertops
  • Deep cleaning and dusting of furniture, doors, windows, cabinets, or other woodwork
  • Decontamination of floor and tiles
  • Cleaning of AC ducts and ceiling fans
  • Disinfection of water tanks and water pools
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Prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus & other germs with our reliable deep cleaning services

Thousands of happy customers choose us for our trusted home cleaning services. We take care of your home more than you. Our professional team members perform their job with responsibility and dedication. However, we request you to remove all precious items from the designated area to ensure safety. Furthermore, we guarantee your satisfaction…

  • Just tell us what you need and we will provide the right professionals to meet your demands!

Fringe benefits of our trusted home cleaning services:

  1. Our professional cleaners are ready to serve you 24×7.

  2.  We are comparatively more affordable than others in the market. However, the actual cost of home cleaning services depends upon the area and number of tasks.

  3.  We use professional-grade equipment to remove dust, dirt, germs, and grease spots with efficiency. Additionally, we bring ropes and ladders to provide hassle-free window cleaning services.

  4.  Our company provides even, a supervisor to monitor the entire crew during the cleaning procedure and ensure quality work.

  5.  We use 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, and FDA-approved chemical and cleaning agents to provide best cleaning services.

  6. You are also free to pick up the number of cleaners according to your requirements. Once you have booked our cleaning services, we send our experts who provide tailor-made cleaning services to meet your home’s requirements. The total home cleaning time depends on your cleaning tasks and the number of cleaners.

    You can get a free estimation of our residential cleaning services, by our trained experts. Please note that the estimated prices may vary from actual prices.

    Reach us via an email at [email protected] or call at +971 56 100 4127. For your further queries, please leave a message on our website. Our pro-active team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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