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Home/House Deep Cleaning Services

Dubai clean provides professional Home/House Deep Cleaning services at competitive price.

Home/House Deep Cleaning

Dubai Clean is one of the certified professional companies that provide a unique deep home cleaning service. You know, the home is a place where you hustle and bustle all the time. Cleaning is very important to make your home look fresh and healthy. In fact, living in an unhealthy environment causes a lot of diseases. After a long busy day, it’s hectic for you to do deep cleaning home. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with a Home/House deep cleaning service all over Dubai and UAE. Hiring our professional team is the best option to make your home clean.

benefits of home deep cleaning

Our exclusive Home/House deep cleaning service includes

Vacuuming the floor and carpet

  •   Clean windows and the ceiling
  •   Wash the floor if required
  •   Deep clean all the walls and the frames of windows
  •   Ceiling fans cleaning
  •   Walls deep cleaning 
  •   Bathroom deep cleaning
  •   Kitchen deep cleaning 
  •   Remove dirty bedsheets
  •   Deep clean all the curtains
  •   Use eco-friendly materials for home/house deep cleaning

If you need more deep cleaning services, please inform us at the time of booking our service. We have the capacity to meet your requirements. For further details and queries, Contact our professional team 24/7.

Why  you choose us?

We offer an affordable cost for the home/house deep cleaning service in Dubai. 

  • We have the latest machinery for cleaning your home with eco-friendly chemicals.
  • We have trained an expert cleaner
  • Our team is selected after the proper interview and training
  • The training sessions are provided by our team regularly.
  • We have the latest vacuum steam that captures the dust, dirt and germs from your home/house.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction,  our cleaner team understand your requirements and try to fulfil them carefully.
  • We provide eco-friendly chemicals to ensure our clients health
  • No security issues because we are a certified company

Our services are available 24/7 for you.

Our Home/House deep cleaning Features

To meet your criteria, we offer the best home cleaners’ expertise for home/house deep cleaning in Dubai.  Features are as follows

  1. Site inspection

We have a trained inspection team. When you go to your home/house for deep cleaning, the inspection team go for inspection on site in the first step and listen to the customer’s requirements.  

  1.   Eco-friendly materials

When you choose us, you can see that we are using high-quality chemicals for deep house cleaning. We have the latest machinery for cleaning purposes.  

  1.   Site checking after Deep Cleaning

Our expert inspection team will also visit your current place after the work is done. If you have any complaints, tell us within 24 hours. We will try to solve your problem quickly. 

  1.   Stress-free home/house deep cleaning 

Once you hire us for deep home/ house cleaning, you just need to rest your mind and sit back deeply relax. Because our professional team work according to your requirements. 

For booking our services, contact us without any hesitation.  Please call us on +971 56 100 4127 or +97145689636. We just respond to you quickly and answer all your queries.


  • Deep Cleaning of the living area
    Kitchen cabinets wall deep steam cleaning 
    Deep Steam Cleaning of the bedrooms, including built-in cabinets
    Cleaning and disinfecting of the bathrooms
    Deep Steam Cleaning and disinfecting of the toilets
    Cleaning of the windows (inside & out), including frames and rails
    Deep Cleaning of the doors and door handles
    Cleaning of all sockets, lights, skirting, switches, etc.
    Deep Cleaning of the balconies
    Deep Cleaning of the Stairs
    AC vents deep cleaning
    Deep Cleaning of the ceiling (where necessary)
    Cleaning of the floors with a scrubbing Machine
    Deep Cleaning of the garage, driveway, and patio area with power wash

    To experience our Villa Deep Cleaning service in Dubai, contact us right now from any area of Dubai.

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