7 Amazing Color Ideas to Paint your Kids’ Room

kids’ room painting is a serious problem. The dull, boring, and sober colors cannot attract kids. Always choose colors according to your kid’s age and upgrade them after some time. Kids always love bright and sophisticated colors. Choose a color that gives a brighter and wider look to the place. Usually, girls prefer pink while boys like different shades of blue. The choice is yours. If you don’t have kids’ room color ideas, you can ask professional painters to solve your problem. Read this article to find amazing color ideas for your kids’ rooms. Contact Dubai Clean to get wall painting services in Dubai to give a fresh look to your home.

1# Yellow:

Yellow is one of the favorite colors of kids. The yellow color makes their room brighter and more energetic. Even yellow color gives warmth and a wider appearance to the room. Your kids feel more active to complete daily routine tasks. The masterful painting services offer hassle-free solutions to your problems to meet your expectations.

2# Chalkboard:

Kids love to go for drawing on the walls. This color is a blend of black, navy blue, and grey. Your kids can make a lot of fun with friends while drawing on the walls. You can choose washable paint to clean it later on. However, use this color with combinations of other colors.

3# Beige:

Beige goes with all types of room designs. This color gives you multiple opportunities to decorate your kids’ room with brighter furniture. This neutral color also acts as a base to apply another color. You should consult painting services in Dubai to choose the best color scheme according to your room’s interior.

4# Pale green:

If you have a small window that allows limited sunlight to penetrate into your kids’ room, go for the pale green. It gives a brighter look to the room. This color looks elegant when reflected by sunlight. The painting services in Dubai are affordable for all sizes of houses, apartments, and villas.

5# Lilac:

This sophisticated shade of purple looks elegant. This color particularly attracts girls. Hot pink and lilac are an all-time favorite combination of daddy’s girls. Lilac gives a delicate and soothing appearance to the room’s interior. The professional wall painting services in Dubai turn your sweet home into a dream place where you can live happily with your family.

6# Blue:

Sky blue, sea blue, aqua, and cerulean blue are the best shades of blue to decorate a room for boys. These shades of blue transmit relaxing vibes and give a wider appearance to the room. These shades work great with yellow, pink, green, purple, white, and red.

7# Pink:

It is a myth that you can choose pink only for girls’ rooms. It also looks elegant in combination with other colors for boys. This eye-catching color looks charismatic in kids’ rooms of all sizes. Both mate and gloss finishing looks great with pink. If you are looking for cleaning services in Dubai, hire professional cleaners from Dubai Clean to improve your health.